Ottoman Power and Operatic Emotions on the European Stage from the Siege of Vienna to the Age of Napoleon

Chapter 1 | The Captive Sultan: Operatic Transfigurations of the Ottoman Menace after the Siege of Vienna

Chapter 2 | The Generous Turk: Captive Christians and Operatic Comedy in Paris

Chapter 3 | The Triumphant Sultana: Suleiman and His Operatic Harem

Chapter 4 | The Turkish Subjects of Gluck and Haydn: Comic Opera in War and Peace

Chapter 5 | Osmin in Vienna: Mozart’s Abduction and the Centennial of the Ottoman Siege

Chapter 6 | “To Honor the Emperor”: Pasha Selim and Emperor Joseph in the Age of Enlightened Absolutism

Chapter 7 | The Ottoman Adventures of Rossini and Napoleon: Kaimacacchi and Missipipi at La Scala

Chapter 8 | Pappataci and Kaimakan: Reflections in a Mediterranean Mirror

Chapter 9 | An Ottoman Prince in the Romantic Imagination: The Libertine Adventures of Rossini’s Turkish Traveler

Chapter 10 | Maometto in Naples and Venice: The Operatic Charisma of the Conqueror

Chapter 11 | Rossini’s Siege of Paris: Ottoman Subjects in the French Restoration

Chapter 12 | The Decline and Disappearance of the Singing Turk: Ottoman Reform, The Eastern Question, and the European Operatic Repertory